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Services offered include:
     • Full-Service Contracts, Shared-Risk Contracts, and Time & Material Services
     • Equipment Repair and Calibration Services
     • Preventive Maintenance and Compliance
     • Room Moves, Installations, and Deinstallations
     • Equipment Surveys and Evaluations
     • Full Digital Upgrades Featuring ViVIX Wireless & Wired Panels

Traditionally, medical equipment service and maintenance expenditures have been a concern, but were always accepted as just the cost of doing business.   In this uncertain environment, every cost saving measure is on the table and the pressure to cut cost is front and center.

For customers that are deciding to assume more risk concerning equipment service, we can meet your needs with a solution tailored to your situation.  

We offer affordable full-service and shared-risk agreements in addition to straight time & materials service.  We also offer flat rate PMs that will maintain your compliance requirements and at the same time allow you to budget for recurring expenses.  We also work closely with Equipment Insurance providers, our time and material customers, or your in-house engineers to insure the lowest possible cost to maintain your equipment.

We are flexible in our offerings so if you have an idea that will work for your situation, contact us and we will do everything in our power to make it work.  

In these uncertain times, one thing is certain:  Healthcare is changing forever and new and innovative solutions will be the norm going forward.

DXS is committed to offering reasonable and affordable pricing to our customers.  Let DXS start saving you money today.

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“Making quality service affordable”