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Equipment Expertise

OEM Trained: Our Field Service Engineers are fully OEM trained on a wide variety of GE equipment including all current offerings.   We also service Philips, Siemens, Toshiba, Ziehm, Omega, Gendex, Continental, and many more.

GE 8835 Spot Film Device
GE Advantage Workstation 4.1/4.2
GE Advantage Workstation 4.3
GE Advantage Workstation 4.4_06
GE Advantage Workstation Family
GE AMX-4-Field Based Training
GE AW GE Remote Update
GE AW VolumeShare 4 (AW4.5)
GE Basic Service Rev1
GE Centricity RA600 V7.0/DHC/CA1000 Service
GE CMS Vascular Image Quality
GE Definium 5000 System Full Service
GE Fluoroscopic Basic Physics Instrumentation
GE Fluoroscopic Basic Service
GE Fluoroscopic Fundamentals
GE Innova Biplane Full Service
GE Innova Biplane Full Service Rev3
GE Innova SG Series 20kV A UL UPS
GE Innova Site Pro 20KVA CE UPS
GE Innova Systems Full Service
GE Innova Systems Service
GE Innova Systems Service
GE LC ADVANTX Vascular Service
GE Learning Unix-Documentation
GE Legacy Advantx E Systems Service
GE Mamography Systems Service
GE MPPU Phase 4 (aka MPPU/VAMP)
GE Networking and Dicom
GE Precision 500D
GE Precision 500D Theory Basic Svc
GE Product Servicing Rev 2
GE Proteus XR/a Service
GE Radiographic Basic Physics/Instrumentation
GE Radiographic Basic Service
GE Radiographic Fundamentals
GE Revolution Differences (Lightning) Service Training
GE Revolution Differences (Thunder) Service Training
GE Revolution Digital Rad System Service
GE Revolution Digital Rad Systems Service
GE Senograph 2000D Service
GE Senographe DS plus Essential Service Training
GE Senographe Essential Differences
GE Vascular Applications Certification Tests
GE Vascular Assessments
GE Vascular New Products Rev1 (Harmony & Elegance) Full Service
GE Vascular PDB Training
Hitachi HR-230M Medical Recorder
OEC 9000/9400 C-Arm
Philips BV Pulsera Basic Service
Philips Classic Generator
Philips DVI II Digital Imaging
Philips Imaging Systems Maintenance
Philips Integris Basic Service
Philips Integris Basic Service Support
Philips Medispot 100/105 Camera
Philips Optimus OM200 Generator
Philips SCP 50/80 X-ray Controls Maintenance
Philips XTV5 /XTV6 TV Systems
Picker MTX 340⁄360⁄380o⁄3100 X-Ray Controls Maintenance
Siemens Coroskop TOP HIP System
Siemens Polydoros RF, 80S, Sireskop/Pantoskop 5
VOLCANO IVUS s5i Service Training

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